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Have you felt the rush of adrenaline when the suspense is about to be revealed in a thriller book? Most of us have as that is the major reason why people love thriller and mystery books so much. With Agatha Christie and Arthur Conan Doyle giving the world immortal gems to read, thriller has always been one of the most famous genres globally. To double up on the thrill, we at The Chaptr have created a thriller book subscription box for all the book lovers. The thrill of not knowing what book you would receive will add to the excitement of reading that book. Additionally, our book subscription box is unlike any other, with a unique concept that’s being loved by bibliophiles everywhere. We also give our readers an opportunity to connect with each other and discuss the books that they have read. It is an extremely fun activity to engage in, especially when it comes to thriller books as discussing those can be highly rewarding in terms of having fun.

In this article, we talk about our favorite picks of thriller books of 2021, some of which could surprise you at your doorstep if you decide to subscribe for our thriller book subscription box.

Rabbits by Terry Miles

Rabbits takes you on a roller-coaster ride with a story about a secret underground game. For the winners, there are unknown rewards that include money, immortality or the answers to the secrets of the universe. It’s a deadly game that makes it adventurous even for the reader as it takes you through an electrifying journey.

Shiver by Allie Reynolds

This seat-clenching mystery revolves around five friends who reunite in the French Alps after a decade. They meet at a deserted resort on the mountaintop which starts a sequence of instances that point towards their sixth friend, who had vanished long ago. The book creates a twisted timeline that will keep you on your seat till the end.

The Imposter by Anna Wharton

An enthralling story of obsession, lies and loneliness, The Imposter makes a mark for mystery lovers. It tells the tale of a newspaper archivist who discovers an old case of a girl who had gone missing as a child. A serendipitous journey takes her to the girl’s parents’ house, which makes her realize the curious parts of the missing girl’s story. This sets her on a pursuit to find the truth, taking the reader through a suspenseful ride.

Do No Harm by Christina McDonald

This captivating mystery novel is the story of a woman who is forced to sell drugs in an attempt to make money to fund her son’s life-threatening illness. The story changes its direction when a client of hers dies, which pushes her into a fatal cat and mouse game. Leading the chase is her beloved husband, a police detective. She is seen struggling through a dark world of drugs and killings. What ensues is an emotionally intense narrative, which makes it a great read, especially for crime novel readers.

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