The Forty Elephants Deluxe Book Box


Travel to 1920’s London (no travel machine needed!) with Erin Bledsoe’s The Forty Elephants, which is based on the true story of Alice Diamond and the first all lady gang in London.  Includes:

  • The Forty Elephants (hardcover)
  • 8.5″ x 5″ double-sided, laminated recipe card (one side contains cocktail recipe and the other side contains mocktail recipe)
  • Northern Lights 1 oz whiskey & tobacco candle (Fragrance Notes: Barrel-aged Kentucky whiskey blended with ginger & cardamom spices with  base notes of tobacco leaf and crushed tonka beans)
  • Single serving strawberry London tea
  • One roaring 20’s Bingo card and markers
  • Free Shipping!

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Book Synopsis: 

London in the 1920s is no place for a woman with a mind of her own. Gang wars, violence, and an unforgiving world have left pickpocket Alice Diamond scrambling to survive in the Mint, the gritty neighborhood her family has run for generations. When her father goes to jail yet again and her scam artist brother finds himself in debt to the dangerous McDonald crime syndicate, Alice takes over. Fighting for power at every turn, she struggles to protect her father’s territory and keep the people she loves safe from some of London’s most dangerous criminals.

Recruited by the enigmatic Mary Carr, Alice boldly chooses to break her father’s edict against gangs and become part of a group of notorious lady shoplifters, the Forty Elephants. Leaving the Mint behind, she and the other girls steal from the area’s poshest department stores, and for the first time in her life, Alice Diamond tastes success. But it’s not long before she wants more–no matter the cost. And when her past and present collide, there’s no escaping the girl from the Mint.