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What’s better than a book subscription box? A book-themed subscription box. A book-themed subscription box is like a regular book box that periodically delivers a book to you, but it comes with other curated lifestyle products that will enhance your reading experience of the book. Some book-themed subscription boxes send you items based on the theme of the book and in some cases, they even correspond to some pages in the book.

This sounds interesting, doesn’t it? I remember the time when there was a lockdown imposed in many countries around the world due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Like most people, I wasn’t in the best of my spirits. Being confined in the walls of your home for months can take a toll on you mentally. It was then when I learned about this book-themed subscription box from a friend of mine. I signed up for it and subsequently, a book box arrived at my doorstep. Inside the box was the book Underland by Robert Macfarlane. It’s a great read where the author takes the reader on an exploration journey of the Earth’s underworlds and their existence in myth, memory, and literature. Along with the book, the box contained three more things. First was a rainwater scented candle, which recreates the smell of the first rain – petrichor. It was a perfect companion to the book as it enthralled my senses to be traveling through vast stretches of Earth in the book while my room smelled like rain and nature. The box also had a hand-painted mug with a sketch of a beautiful sea which I used to have coffee in while reading the book. The third thing was a gorgeous hand-sewn book sleeve, which is a very useful accessory for avid readers like myself.

This was the perfect book for me during the lockdown as it took me across the planet at a time when leaving your apartment wasn’t possible. Besides, the goodies that came with the book made it a truly special experience. It lifted my mood and filled me with such excitement that I can’t depict in words.

A Bibliophile’s Dream Gift

Book-themed subscription boxes come in various genres and categories. You can choose from a plethora of book boxes to suit your likes and interests. It is the perfect gift you can give yourself as a bibliophile. You can also give a book box subscription to your loved ones as a present. The element of surprise attached to a book box is what makes it a thrilling experience.

We innovated the idea of book-themed subscription boxes and made it even better. We send you a hand-selected book (as voted on by you!), along with other curated products that compliment your reading and make it a memorable experience. It doesn’t end here. We also connect you with our community of fellow readers, where you can discuss the book in real-time throughout the entire book, and not just at the end. You can join our online book club from any place in the world, anytime. To learn more, contact us here.

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