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The last year has been tough for the whole world. Only once in decades does such a large-scale catastrophe strike the world the way the Covid-19 pandemic has. If that wasn’t enough, the world is also struggling with many other issues simultaneously. From large numbers of people dying to economies struggling, wildfires burning, political turmoils, and human rights atrocities happening, we’ve seen a lot.

These times have affected the mental health of a lot of people, including the young ones. Other than doing what we can for others in these times, we should also focus on what we can do for ourselves. We need to do whatever we can to rekindle our joy and feel happy. This is the time when we need an escape, an escape from all the things going down on our planet. We need something that can transport us to another world; a world of mystic, magic, mystery, love, and a billion stories. Books give us exactly that. A book subscription box for young adults might be exactly what we need.

The concept of a book subscription box revolves around the element of surprise. A book lover who’s never experienced the thrill of a book subscription box should try it once. You will thank us later. Moreover, the young adult category has a number of feel-good gems that are sure to uplift the reader’s mood.

“The concept of a book subscription box revolves around the element of surprise. A book lover who’s never experienced the thrill of a book subscription box should try it once.”


Young Adult Literature

Young Adult (Y.A.) is simply literature for and about teens and can be categorized into the same genres that adult literature has— mystery, science fiction, romance, fantasy, drama, horror, etc. While Y.A. books are generally authored for the readers of ages 12 – 18, there is something about many young adult novels that they resonate so well with the older adults as well. Take, Harry Potter, Catcher In The Rye, and The Book Thief for example.

Even though most YA fiction is written by adults, stories in great YA books are told by a genuine voice that strikes a chord with the young adult experience. One manifestation of this in YA fiction is the fact that teenagers have different problems, concerns, and thoughts than an adult. This can be seen in prevalent themes in YA that pertain to the lives of young adults such as self-discovery, coming-of-age, and friendship.

Another way YA fiction is notably different and fresh is the presence of a sense of immediacy in the storytelling. The style of narration is in the present, usually conveyed through a close third-person/first-person point of view. Why this is interesting is the feelings it evokes in adult readers. Reading from the perspective of a teenager makes you relive your teenage years and it’s nostalgic in a refreshing way, as you’re feeling this from someone else’s perspective; someone from a different generation. Thus, what makes Y.A. so good is its ability to present to readers a chance to see itself reflected in its pages.

This is what we need in our times, a book subscription box for young adults. Unique book subscription boxes such as the one we offer at The Chapter offer something more to the reader. Along with a specially curated book, we send a bunch of items that enhance your reading experience. To know more, click here.

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