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About The Chaptr


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How It Works
Who We Are

A monthly subscription book box connecting readers for lively real-time discussions.

What We Do

Deliver a hand-selected book, along with specially curated products to elevate your reading experience. All to your front door.


We connect you with a community of fellow readers, allowing you to discuss the book in real time throughout the entire book, and not just at the end.


Virtually! Our convenient mobile app allows you to join the conversation anytime and anywhere.

What We Do

Satisfying that craving for real-time discussions throughout the entire journey of reading a book is what we do at The Chaptr.

How do we do this? Well, we started by figuring out how we could enhance the reading experience by bringing together the convenience of a book subscription box and the camaraderie of a book club.

Fueled by this desire to connect over great books, we built a community specifically for readers.

Our mission is to bring together book lovers and facilitate a village where thought-provoking discussions can flourish and friendships blossom.

To help accomplish this, we integrate social media into our reading experience in a way that promotes meaningful engagement between readers and enriches, not detracts from, the reading experience.

Through our social platform, readers can engage in real-time discussions with fellow readers whenever and wherever they want.

Our Big Purpose

We created The Chaptr to bring you together with equally passionate people ready for something new.

As we build this community together, we have some great features for creating exclusive content, deeper conversations, richer polls, and online events.

Plus, by building this community off traditional social media, we can share more meaningful experiences with each other.

What You Should Expect From The Chaptr

We’re aiming to make your experience here awesome. I want you to get five key things from The Chaptr:

  • Immersive reading experiences.
  • Exclusive content and conversations you can’t find anywhere else.
  • Meet people who share your interests and with whom you can geek out with over books.
  • Swap stories, experiences, and ideas around all things literary-related.
  • Find a little inspiration and thought-provoking conversations each and every day.

To make this a reality, I’m going to need your help. Every time you contribute a story, experience, or idea, you’re contributing to our community in a way that helps all of us.

About The Chaptr’s Co-Founder

I was the kid who read everything in sight.

Cereal boxes were some of my very first “books”.

I developed a love of reading early on and never shook it (thankfully).

My love affair with books was no doubt ignited by an incredible first-grade teacher. Ms. Peele, wherever you are, thank you.

Like many of us, adulting shifted priorities, and reading got pushed further and further down on the list; but the love was always there, just below the surface.

I finally got out of my own way and reconnected with my first love and what else can I say but “it feels so good!”

But, one thing I have always felt was missing from my reading experience was the fellowship of other readers. I have participated in countless book clubs, but discussions typically only took place at the end of the book.

– Antoinette, Co-Founder

I craved real-time discussions with others throughout the entire journey of reading a book.

The Chaptr was born from that craving.

I hope you find as much joy engaging in this community as I have in creating it. Looking forward to connecting over our love of books.

P.S. A very special thank you to my husband for stepping outside of his comfort zone and helping me find my way back to my first passion.

Let’s Embark On This Adventure. Together!