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Even the most passionate of readers are likely to find themselves in a reading slump every now and again.  But, never fear, we have some easy hacks to get you out of even the deepest of slumps.  

1. Try a new-to-you genre.

Sometimes, the spark you need to reinvigorate you is to try something different.  Usually steer clear of romance novels? Try one.  Although you may not normally be a fan of science fiction, maybe a dip into speculative fiction might be more your speed.  Some of The Chaptr’s past speculative fiction titles of the month that our community members who are not science fiction lovers enjoyed have been Girl One by Sara Flannery Murphy and Anyone by Charles Soule.  

2. Check out backlist books.

We know the newest books get a lot of fanfare, but there are a lot of great prior releases that are absolute gems.  Books that were released years ago but are still relevant (and happen to be amazing reads!) include greats like The Secret Lives of Baba Segi’s Wives by Lola Shoneyin and Pachinko by Min Jin Lee.  

3. Re-read your favorite book.

Rediscover the magic of reading with one of your favorites.  Reading it for a second–or third–time, you may gain an even greater appreciation for it.  You also might notice some interesting details that you missed the first time around.  


4. Join a book club.

The benefits? You get to try a new book each month and you get to chat it up with fellow book lovers.  Their zest for reading is sure to rub off on you and remind you why you fell in love with reading in the first place.  Try The Chaptr book club–we chat throughout the entire journey of reading a book through our invite-only book app and sometimes, authors even join our monthly book club meetups.  

5.Just stop reading.

Just like anything you love, sometimes you just a break.  And that’s ok.  And that’s ok.  Put a book down for a day, a week, a month, 2 months; however long it takes refresh yourself and get back into it.  And when you’re ready to jump back in, join our mailing list for great book recommendations.  

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