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Book Subscription Box Reimagined

How It Works
Who We Are

A monthly book subscription box and book club in one.

What We Do

Deliver a hand-selected book, along with specially curated products to elevate your reading experience. All to your front door.


We connect you with a community of fellow readers, allowing you to discuss the book in real time throughout the entire book, and not just at the end.


Virtually! Our convenient mobile app allows you to join the conversation anytime and anywhere.

Why We Do It

Because the only thing better than reading a great book is sharing your reading journey with others.

Great Books, Real Connections

A platform for literature lovers who crave engagement with fellow readers.

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Unexpected Plot Twist?

Now you can hash it out with your fellow readers in real time with our convenient mobile app.

Deeper Reading, Wider Thinking

The Chaptr is a platform for each reader to experience other readers’ thoughts, interpretations, and connections.

You spoke. We listened.


91% of book club members say that they value being exposed to books that they otherwise wouldn’t have read. This is why we select books from a wide range of genres.


97% of book club members want to read books that provoke good conversation. Overwhelmingly, book club members want to read books that will provoke good conversation—97% of book club members consider that a core criterion in the books they choose.

What We Provide!

Virtual Coffee Chats

Hosted Weekly Reading Questions

Member Spotlights

Book Challenges